Marlton Circle Project - Page 9
Photos taken May 2, 2010...
Route 70 Eastbound at new intersection with Route 73.
Route 70 Westbound at new intersection with Route 73.
   The abandoned portions of Route 73 and the Circle had sort of an eerie look until construction of the overpass began here.
Elevated view of the area.
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Photos by: John S. Flack, Jr.

    Now a look back at the 1974 Marlton Circle project. Here Route 73 was run down the center of the Circle and traffic lights were installed...
Nov. 1973
June, 1974
                   View of Route 73's traffic using Ramp K taken from former Burger Chef site on 05-03-10.
July, 1974
Now, back to 2010 and a much bigger project...
May 8, 2010 Photos...
Vacated portion of Route 73 facing former Circle.
Vacated portion of Route 73 looking North.
   This ramp, located East of the Route 70 & 73 Intersection, allows traffic on Route 73 Northbound or Main Street to turn either direction onto Route 70. Ramp on the right connects Route 70 to Main Street and in the future will have a spur to Route 73 Northbound.
   Former Marlton Circle. Only the former Olga's Diner remains, otherwise the area has been transformed and looks very different, with more changes coming.
Photos by: John S. Flack, Jr.

This May 17, 2010 photo shows pilings for the overpass