Evesham Township N.J. - Then and Now -- Page 2
  This church building was the Marlton Methodist Church at 43 East Main Street, built in 1898 after a fire destroyed an older church building here. It was last used in 1964 when the congregation moved to a new church building on Plymouth Drive and Marlborough Avenue.
   It was demolished later in the 1960s and replaced with the office building shown in the bottom image.
  A before photo inserted onto a recent photo. This is where the William Garwood/Byron Roberts farmhouse sat over what is now West Lincoln Drive and Bittersweet Court. The house was demolished in 1975 to make way for the first section of the Greentree Village development.
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  The Acme Market in Marlton opened in January, 1966 off the Southeast corner of the Marlton Circle between Route 70 and Main Street. Joining Acme was a Sears Catalog Store, beauty parlor, drug store and dry cleaners. Acme closed here about 1972 and reopened in the former Clover Market further west on Route 70 in Cherry Hill in 1973. The Acme space was occupied by Mr. Living Room furniture store in 1976. The store and neighboring stores were destroyed in an arson fire in 1977.
   The remaining stores sat vacent until the 1980s when the site was cleared and Marlton Greene, shown in the bottom image, was built here.

  From 1966 to 1998 this building at 125 East Main Street was the hub of Evesham government. It housed Township offices, the Police Department and until 1976 the Evesham Library. It was vacated when Evesham opened a new Municipal Building at 984 Tuckerton Road. The building remained unused until it was demolished in 2012.
   The site was then redeveloped into the Marlton Gateway apartments, shown in the lower image.