Evesham Township - Then and Now
    This section of the Evesham Township Nostalgia site documents changes that have taken place in Evesham Township, N.J. over the years. By joining vintage photographs with recently taken images, the visiotor to this page can get a clear picture of how the landscape has changed in Evesham. Check back as this section will be expanded over time.
   Photos I took in 1993 and 2013 showing the intersection of Greentree Road and Maple Avenue at Evesboro. The top photo from 1993 shows some of the last remaining houses at Evesboro, shortly before they were demolished. The bottom 2013 photo shows the commercial buildings that has replaced them. In the1993 photo, Maple Avenue was still two lanes.
Maple Avenue and Greentree Road - 1993 and 2013
    I took these photos in 1993 and 2013 showing the intersection of Evesboro-Medford Road and Greentree Road. The 1993 view was taken during the realignment construction of Evesboro-Medford Road to meet directly with Church Road. The temporary traffic signals in this scene were installed a couple years before this to help relieve traffic conjestion here.
Evesboro-Medford Road and Greentree Road - 1993 and 2013
Route 70 and Maple Avenue - Then and Now
   The rails of the Medford Branch of the West Jersey and Seashore Railroad are shown approaching Maple Avenue in an undated photo and the same scene in 2013 as Route 70 approaches Maple Avenue. This rail line opened in 1881 as Philadelphia, Marlton and Medford railroad. The line merged with several other short lines in 1896 to form the West Jersey Seashore Railroad. The Marlton station can be seen in the center of the photo. The railroad closed in 1931, after which the tracks were removed and the former right-of-way used to build State Route 40, re-numbered Route 70 in 1953. 
Route 73 and Greentree Road - 1979 and 1982
  Photos I took in November, 1979 and March, 1982 at Route 73 and Greentree Road showing the site of Greentree Square Shopping Center. In the 1979 scene the Roberts Farm packing house had recently been demolished and the site was being prepared for the cneter, shown completed in the 1982 photo with IGA Food Market as the main anchor store. Note how light traffic was in both these scenes. The traffic signals were installed here only in 1974.
Apple Way Facing West Lincoln Drive - 1979 and 1985
   Photos I took in May, 1979 and July, 1985 showing Apple Way facing West Lincoln Drive. This section of Greentree Village was known as The Glen. The large building in the center of the 1979 photo is the Roberts farm fruit packing house on Route 73, by this time housing Lincoln Property's field office for the Greentree development and soon to be demolished to make way for Greentree Square Shopping Center. Some remaining Roberts Farm orchards can also be seen in this photo.  This was part of a large peach orchard borderd by Greentree Road, Route 73, North Cropwell Road, Revere Road, Van Zant Elementary School grounds and the northwast border of Woodstream along Connestoga Drive.
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