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A View From Evesham A blog that covers EveshamTownship -                                                        past, present and future

  Clockwise from top left: Evesham's first Municipal Building 1967-1998, Evesham's first modern Post Office 1957-1977, Two Guys store at Marlton Circle 1973-1980, Marlton Nike Missile Base 1955-1963, Evesham Police in 1962, Marlton Traffic Circle before Route 73 was cut through in 1973.
                                                       Background of Evesham Township, New Jersey

  Evesham N.J.was officially established in 1688, covering present day Mount Laurel, Medford and part of Hainsport, Lumberton and Shamong. The first settlement in Evesham was made by William and Elizabeth Evans between 1680 and 1690. Evesham was wilderness at this time and Indians were the Evans' neighbors. The only way of travel was on foot or horseback. The Evans' had to dig a cave to live in for there was no facilities for homebuilding. This cave-dewelling was near Mount Laurel. Evesham was named after Evesham in England located along the Avon River. The N.J. township's early settlers came from this area and liked the name so much they used it here. By 1871 the above townships became seperate entities and Evesham took its present borders.

    The Village of Marlton was established in 1758, although then known as Evesham. The name Marlton, named for the fertilizer marl that was mined at several sites to the north and west of Marlton beginning in 1806, came into use in 1845. Marl is a natural mix of green clay and shell that became popular for use as a fertilizer and was used into the mid-twentieth century. Marlton was the center of trade for the farms that surrounded the village. Evesham's Post Office was established in 1808 at what was to become Marlton. For awhile there was a second Post Office in the village of Evesboro, that coverd the Northern half of Evesham. The Evesham Post Office was officially renamed Marlton Post Office in 1845 with the renaming of the Village. Marlton continues today as Evesham's Post Office. While the names Evesham and Marlton are usually interchanged the actual Village of Marlton is actually several blocks in the area of Main Street and Maple Avenue, the area surrounding this is Evesham.

     With the advent of the automobile in the twentieth century, Marlton shifted from a commerce center to a more residential nature.

J.D. Scotts 1876 Illustrated Atlas of Burlington County
A History of Evesham Township, Maurice Horner
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Gino's Hamburgers at Marlton, N.J.
Marlton Burger Chef
Marlton Two Guys Store
1959 Evesham Land Use Map
1940, 1957, 1970, 2002 Aerial Photographs,  Evesham - Marlton Area
RCA Marlton Test Site
Remembering Robert's Farm

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Marlton Circle Replacement Project
Former Evesham Municipal Building
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                                                          ABOUT THE EVESHAM NOSTALGIA HOMEPAGE

     I started this site as a branch of my first local history Internet site, Reflections of Woodstream at Marlton begun in 2000. Realizing I was beginning to cover nostalgia not just about Woodstream but surrounding Evesham as well I opened this second site in 2003. Both this site and the Woodstream site share most of the same pages (you might notice some of my earlier pages have a Woodstream banner at the top).

    This site focuses mainly on post World War II Evesham history, which is when the Township's growth began. I also try to record history as it happens, as with my Marlton Circle Project pages.

                     Thanks for visiting!
The Railroad That Passed Through Evesham
    I produced a book in 2012 titled Images of America: Evesham Township.

   Published by Arcadia Publishing, the leading publisher of local history books in the USA, the book contains 189 images, some rarely seen, and written history. The 127 page book covers Evesham from its beginning to its transformation into the community it is today.

   The cover, shown at left, features a photograph showing workers picking peaches in one of the Byron Roberts Farm orchards.
  Evesham Township book page at Amazon.com    Evesham Township book page at Arcadia Publishing
  Evesham Township is available at local book sellers, direct from Arcadia Publishing and online book sellers such as Amazon - also on ebay under "Evesham Township".
  I have set up a page showing images which I was unable to use in the book due to space limitations or did not meet the Publisher's quality standards... 

                                              Evesham Township Book Addendum

Despite my best efforts during the proofreading stage, I have since turned up a couple of minor errors that made it into the book. Those who have a copy of the book are urged to review a page I set up with corrections. The page may also be printed out and kept with your book...

                                             Evesham Township Book Corrections
Evesham Township - Then & Now                             
    A friend of mine came across a copy of an Evesham Township newsletter from September, 1972 called "Evesham Journal", named after Evesham, England's local newspaper. In it are articles covering a recycling drop-off center that was recently opened at the Municipal Building, Gypsy Moth information, a list of candidates for two vacent council seats, the appointment of a new Township Treasurer, a problem of street and traffic signs being stolen, a notice of a monthly night when the Mayor and Township Maganer were in thier offices to meet with the public and several advisory committes being appointed by the Township Manager..

   Police statistics for the previous month were given: patrolling 19,696 miles the Department handled 633 complaints, issued 183 traffic summons, investigated 22 motor vechicle accidents and 19 breaking and entering, responded to 20 ambulance calls and 15 fire calls. Fifteen adult and two juvenlile arrests were made. Other complaints included two assults, 20 larcenies, 11 animal incidents, five lost and found, 22 disorderly persons, four ordinance violations, 14 suspicious persons, 15 suspicious vechicles, one runaway, three missing persons, 29 alarms and 333 miscellaneous.

   Residents were notified that the large structure rising near Evans School at Brick Road and Route 73 was the future Garden State Community Hospital and that construction was progressing on schedule.
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